Saturday SpankingsIn Guarded, Liza  has begun chatting on a forum for spankos. She has a desperate longing for a strong loving man to haul her over his knee and spank her to tears, but that desire is at odds with her view of herself as an independent, modern woman.   But do we ever really know anything about the people we meet online?

…OTKDR messaged her again. “Tell me about how you imagine your first spanking going.” She demurred, “I don’t know.” 11 “Nonsense,” he replied. The last time you had your hand in your panties, what were you thinking about?” “Getting spanked,” she admitted sheepishly. “Good girl, keep going.” “Over the knee, that seems closest, the most intense, I guess.” “That’s because it is. Do you deserve to be scolded?” Sigh. “Yes, a little, I guess.” “You are much too smart a girl to be so careless. We will have to do something about that.” “Yes,” she whispered as she typed it. Oh dear, was she doing this wrong? Was she supposed to call him “sir?” “You understand that this is for your own good?” “Oh yes,” she typed. Oh hell yes, she thought.


  1. Amelia Smarts
    Jan 21, 2017

    Only you can make a cyber spanking sound so hot!

  2. Meredith O'Reilly
    Jan 21, 2017

    Hi! I’m hosting SatSpanks for Kathryn again! I like that this Dom is getting his sub to imagine what she’d want in a spanking. It seems to make her want it more.

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