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He touched the latch and the lid sprang up. Her clothing was already neatly put away. The chest contained several smaller nooks,which contained her jewelry and toiletries. One of the nooks held a solid dark wood hairbrush. She had never seen it before. Remembering her talk with her mother, she blushed.
Erik saw what she was looking at. “I know some people put it on a hook near the bed, but I think this is more private.” He said this gently.
Liv’s anxiety caused her eyes to fill with tears. He was quick to comfort her,pulling her into his arms he said,”Oh my sweet girl, I might never have to use that.” he said.
“But you might,” she looked at the rug.
He used a finger to raise her chin and gently but firmly said,”If I need to , I will.. Our little family is my responsibility. I will do everything in my power to help you blossom and be safe and sometimes that might mean spanking your bottom.”
“Have you ever spanked anyone before?”
He laughed,”of course not, I just got married.”
Liv glanced at the bed,”Have you ever?” she could not say it.
Erik shrugged,”Sort of”
Somehow his answer emboldened her and she giggled,”Sort of? What does that mean? Couldn’t figure it out?” His hearty laugh reassured her and she continued with her teasing,”Sheep?”
He reached out and tugged a piece of her hair,”be careful, I might need to pull out that hairbrush sooner than we thought.” His warm smile made the teasing delightful.
He sat down in the larger of their two armchairs and pulled her onto his lap.
“I have. But it was always a quick fumble in the dark. Nothing like I am going to do with you..” A tremor of desire went through her body.



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