Smackass Coconut Cake


hey ,Meredith- Will I ever learn? Apparently not.  I managed to find myself face down over Killians lap AGAIN. I knew my raising my voice to him was a terrible idea. He had to leave to take some guests fishing  and I tried to get myself out of trouble by making the best ever coconut cake. As a cake it rocked, as a “get out of jail free card” it failed, big time.

You are right I think the most important thing is to try to nurture each other- we just don’t do it in exactly the same ways, this sexy husband and I,- I try to make him a nice place to come in out of the cold, and of course- the fastest way to a mans heart is through  his belly.  Apparently the fastest way to my brain, is through my bottom!

-Anyway this cake takes a bit of time, but all the most important things do, I guess- do not skip toasting the coconut.  Toasting brings out the sweetness and provides structure.  Its not optional in this case.

Smackass coconut cake

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