A Handful of Stars

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“You earned this, now be still.”

She tried. Her resolve lasted exactly one swat. She yanked herself loose and tumbled to the ground. Adam reached for her hand, helped her stand and  then marched her over to the armoire.  He hung the small paddle on its hook and hesitated over selecting the next implement. With enormous relief Jess saw him pick a small wooden spoon.  He walked her  towards the love seat in the middle of the room.  Jess stood in front of it awkwardly.”Get up  on your knees.”  Jess did so and then looked around even more confused.  Adam pressed his hand against the small of her back and bent her over the back of the love seat.  She was in the middle of the room, panties awkwardly at her knees and her already  well spanked bottom was up in the air.   Adam gently reached between her legs and spread her thighs. “Keep them like that” he ordered. She could barely breath.   A quick swat and  the light, wooden spatula felt like a bee sting on the tender baby skin of her inner thigh.  “You will not disobey me when I am correcting you.” Sting.   “You need this.” Sting. “We need this.” Sting.  It was taking all of her strength to not slam her legs closed.   He sped up his pace, swatting from side to side like some sort of windshield wiper from hell.



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  1. krblake
    Jun 11, 2016

    Windshield Wiper from hell. I love that line and can just imagine it. Great snippet, Susannah

  2. maisyarcher
    Jun 11, 2016

    OMG, how do you always manage to find the humor, even in the most serious and emotional of scenes?! Loved it!!

  3. Lucy Felthouse
    Jun 14, 2016

    Great snippet and photo, Susannah!

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