A Handful of Stars

Redrabbit has given a stellar review to my book! I am thrilled. I lost sleep writing this one- without Cass’s snarky humor to hide behind, examining a domestic discipline relationship felt … precarious, vulnerable, risky.  I  have found this kind of relationship to be so comfortable, so sexy, so enriching… and yet- I know how lucky I am. There are women killed every day around the world .  I woke today to hear about the burning alive of 19 girls by ISIS….  It’s a complex topic  and one that I think all people of conscience tread with care.   I cannot thank Redrabbit enough for being willing to go on that journey with Jessica and Adam.  let’s talk… thoughts?concerns? I have no answers, but I would love to question with you….


By Redrabbitt on June 8, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I enjoyed this emotional and realistic domestic discipline story that will take the reader on a story of two completely different situations, one violent and abusive and one loving.

Two people, in love with each other, both work and their jobs and the world is affecting their home life and marriage. Throw in conflicts from work, and before you know it, you are saying ugly and hurtful things to the person you should love the most. Jess is flustered by the situation thrown in her lap at school, to administer a paddling to an eighteen-year-old female student. Researching corporal punishment opens a new door to a lifestyle she never thought about before. Adam Star is a prosecutor, mostly of men, especially ones who have battered their wives. How will he react when Jess ask him to spank her? Isn’t that abuse like the men he puts behind bars is doing to women? Including men who take what they are calling Christian Domestic Discipline to the level of emotional and physical abuse.

The story is open, honest and sometimes humorous in a loving way. Adam sees that Jess is getting out of control, her attitude, lack of respect and words have crossed a line, and when she approaches him about domestic discipline, it shocks him, but he talks to someone and then takes Jess to Ms. Margaret for guidance to keep it safe, sane and consensual. I have to admire the characters, their interaction, and concerns as they discuss before hand what is expected and what will be delivered.

“When you’re wrong, you are wrong. Sometimes a spanking just clears the air.”

“She had been through a gamut of emotions—she had felt insolent, resentful, angry, sorry, repentant and very, very loved.”

“She was not annoyed; she was safe, adored, accountable.”


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