Black tie and flushed cheeks

elegant spWhen the invitation arrived I adored the idea of a black tie party. I had made plans for the children, but when it came time to drop them off daughter #1 received a better offer which would mean leaving her sweet little hostess- to- be in the lurch. “We don’t do that” I said.

“I don’t actually even like Sadie” she said.

“SO don’t care. We don’t ditch our plans with our friends”

“I just old you she’s not my friend.”

Deep breath. “Well, you have plans with her and you are not going to hurt her feelings”

“But I didn’t make the plans you did, so why should I suffer?”

My response was not helpful. “I made plans for you because you are SEVEN YEARS OLD. You are spending the night at Sadie’s house and you will be pleasant about it.”

“Geez, keep your hair on.”

While herding the kids out to the car to drop them off so that I could begin my transformation into someone far better looking than my everyday self, the new puppy escaped.   The only thing worse than a loose puppy would be all the children swarming over the street. I ordered the kids into the van and chased down the mischievous pup myself. For thirty minutes. I chased, I tripped I twisted, he dodged.   Finally, a sharp clear whistle pierced the neighborhood. Clancy stood stock still and then dashed full speed at the van.  Henry had unrolled his window and summarily summoned the dog. I  wedged the dog into the house and then turned full of fury onto the 3rd grader. “Why didn’t you do that earlier?” I demanded

Patrick stood up for his brother ”Because you are being very scary.”  And he wasn’t wrong.  Twice I pulled out of the driveway and a small voice notified me of something VERY IMPORTANT that had been forgotten. I reversed, pulled in and a young- un dashed inside on a recon mission. The first time it was for a forgotten toothbrush.  The second time it was for a pet turtle. I dispatched the child back inside- over his protests that his friends really, really wanted to borrow his turtle.

“Now” I growled, clutching the steering wheel like a madwoman.”You are going to spend the night at the Turner’s. Daddy and I are going to a fancy party”   they didn’t dare respond.

I hustled through my toilette’ eagerly awaiting my transformation into an ethereal movie star version of myself.  I had found a gorgeous heavily beaded dress which I had  believed looked awesome in the store. Although I don’t remember ever taking crack, I must have been on something at least that strong to purchase that particular dress. The day of the event there was no ignoring the  batwing of flub that erupted out of the plunging neckline.    The gorgeous red lipstick made my teeth look snaggly and yellow.  I took my utterly defeated self down to the living room. George was tying his bow tie in the front hallway.  James Bond was taking my grandmother to the ball.  I didn’t say anything because I was afraid I would throw my head back and howl at the injustice of it.  He was receiving an award at the party so there was no time for me to re-do myself.

“Hi baby” George said, clearly having no idea how close I was to burning down the house. ”You look pretty”

“No. I do not” I hissed.

George grinned at me in the mirror and with a glint in his eye reached for me. He pulled me close and ran his hands possessively down my flanks.

“”I cannot wait until I get to bring you home.” He murmured, refusing to accept my foul mood.  “Lets see what you have under there”  he gently pressed me down over the bench in the front hall. I was being bent over the place where I regularly tied shoes and buttoned rain coats.  But right now I wasn’t a busy housewife. Now I was being commanded by the love of my life. I let my shoulders go as low as they could. I was wearing high heels and there was no escaping the fact that my bottom was sky high.   George claimed me with his fingers. I didn’t need to see his face to know the glint that was there. “Stay right there” he whispered.  I heard him taking the stairs two at a time.

I saw his bet and I raised the stakes, slithering my dress up over my hips and moving my silky panties down to mid thigh.

He was delighted upon his return “There’s my beautiful girl” he breathed onto my skin.  We really needed to get out the door, but I was in no  position to suggest anything of the kind.  I felt the cool wood of my hairbrush against the plump curve of my bottom.  Without preamble, he lit me on fire. Tiny little whaps of the wooden brush flurried over every inch of my posterior.  Not hard enough to make me cry, but enough to make me gasp and plead. “Tonight you remember who you belong to,” he sternly reminded me. I ached for him and promised that I would never forget.  As suddenly as it started it was over.

He hooked his fingers through my gossamer  panties and helped me step out of them. “Tonight you don’t get these.”  He wrapped them around the hairbrush and put them both in his inner coat pocket.  He helped me tidy myself. The beading on the dress moved against my freshly spanked skin and felt like fireworks.

As he drove I hesitantly suggested that really he should leave my  panties in the car. I had visions of him reaching in for his prepared speech and my flimsy undergarments and wooden hairbrush crashing conspicuously to the floor in front of the podium. He grinned. “Bossy girl better watch that. They stay right where they are. I may need them tonight at the party.”

He didn’t leave my side. Knowing his wife was spanked scarlet under her dress made him possessive. Primal.  Every step swung the heavy beaded dress over my tender bottom. I thought I might swoon with desire.   Every surreptitious pat on the bottom sent my temperature sky high.

As we slid into the car to drive home he reminded me who was in charge. “Lift up your skirt, I want your bare skin on the seat”  I did I was told and was rewarded with his hand sliding between my thighs. At a stop light, I got self-conscious and tried to close my legs. He would not yield.  His hand was pressing and sliding.  The first orgasm crackled like the thunder that foreshadows a storm.  He barely had the car in the driveway before I had his fly unzipped and had pulled him deep into my mouth. In college I had given him many blowjobs in the car, but marriage and children had shifted our sexual landscape.  I suddenly remembered the womanly part of myself that yearned to utterly belong to my strong and gentle man. I have never loved sucking him so much.  I didn’t suggest we hurry inside. We had remembering to do and it needed to happen in a car with my bottom on fire, just like our love began.

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  1. Alyssa Bailey
    Dec 31, 2015

    Oh my gosh. You need to use this scene. Loved it.

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