Her Gilded Firebird

This is the third book in the Norse Warrior Series. This time our hero has an unclear destiny and a fiery bride.

January 16, 2019

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Her Gilded Tiger

The saga continues… So hot it cold melt a polar ice cap.

Tigers are awesome! July 24, 2019
Was thrilled to see the second book in this magical series was about a tiger! I really enjoyed how fast our h/h fell for each other and their steamy encounters were wonderful. Really delightful ending, so happy for all the people we’ve met along the way. This is a great world.

Her Gilded Dragon



This is the first book in the Norse Warriors Series. It introduces the Snowforce, the concept of the keeps and “gilding” the area of tattooing scars.

I loved the characters so much I dreamed about them in .y sleep July 14, 2019
I enjoyed this book more than I have enjoyed one in a long time and I read constantly. The characters are richly done and I got into the story so much that I could see them in my mind. I hated to put it down and dreamed the story when I went to bed at night. Thank you for a wonderful journey will look forward to more books from this author.


Liza Cox has created a life for herself where she doesn’t have to risk being hurt. After surviving being abandoned by her father, and the death of her mother, she is determined to be independent. Her career is flourishing; she is the leading restorer of Early American art. She finds herself lingering in a chatroom of a spanking social site. Liza is afraid to surrender and yet yearns to do so.

A rare sheepdog, gifted by the father she barely knew, is the first of many cracks in her perfect life. A mystery surrounding a famous painting intrigues her, and how does she decide which of the men she has met on the site to meet in real life?



This romantic comedy explores the worlds of high tech art restoration, as well as the role social networking can play when a smart woman longs to have her bottom scorched by a man who demands the best of her.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains over the knee discipline of adult women and adult themes. If this offends you, please do not purchase.

A Handful of Stars

How can two people who love each other as much as Jessica and Adam do find themselves in a bitter rut? An incident at work begins to change Jessica’s views towards discipline. Is it possible that being held accountable can build up a person? Jessica is intrigued that she might have found the solution she’s been searching for.

When looking for guidance about delivering a reasonable paddling she stumbles across a professional dominatrix and a chatroom of opinionated spankophiles. Can Ms. Margaret’s advice lead to a scorched bottom and a sweeter romance?

How will Adam balance his new found authority in his marriage with his role as a prosecutor of men who assault their wives? Together, their journey of discovery leads to a more profound commitment, and lovemaking that leaves Jessica breathless. 

Disclaimer: This book contains spanking of adult women. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Raspberry Mousse: A Romantic Comedy (The Cass Chronicles Book 6)

Cass has settled into an easy rhythm with the love of her life, Killian Nelson. The food blogger/TV presenter has tried to adjust to ravenous bears, amorous moose, and a mother-in-law who is determined to become a grandmother.
 Killian knows exactly what is needed to keep Cass fulfilled and on track. The generous use of passion, laughter, and a certain Lexan paddle ensure that their marriage is a constant adventure.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of power exchange and old-fashioned discipline. If this offends you, please do not purchase.

Red Velvet: A Romantic Comedy (The Cass Chronicles Book 5)

Christmas in Alaska is magical. Catering a difficult wedding, missing her parents and friends, and a certain Lexan paddle are all making it hard for Cass to embrace the magic of the season. Will Cass be able to find the perfect Christmas present for Killian? Will she ever feel like she belongs in Slick Trench?
With her typical self-deprecating aplomb, snark, and sexiness, Cass discovers that “It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year.” And a certain paddle means that it will certainly not be a “Silent Night”. Features recipes so good you can get a bit rounder just reading them and the spanking of adult women, as well as all kinds of red hot shenanigans. 
DISCLAIMER: This book contains discipline, sexual scenes, and elements of power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.