Diamond In The Rough


Who’s ready to revisit the Red Petticoat Saloon?

The newest addition to the series is “Diamond In The Rough” by Abbie Adams and Maggie Ryan.

Brace yourself for this little taste:

She glared at him. Rage poured through her veins. Her face flamed hot with her irritability and her mortification. She didn’t see any way out of this dreadful situation. Every way she played it out in her mind, she was going to end up exactly as he said, writhing and sobbing over his thighs. And as much as that thought—and the image in her head—terrified her, she was filled with longing for it to be just as he’d said. The intimacy and the power he would have over her made her pussy clench in desire. Liquid heat flooded her core and dampened her thighs. Even though they’d spent the night together, for some unknown reason this dynamic seemed much more intimate.

Delaney had never had this type of feeling before and she refused to submit to him. Even though she could see no way out of this situation, it wouldn’t happen without a fight. So without any more thought, she lifted her skirts and ran for her life. Her kitten-heeled boots were impossible in the soft sand near the wash, and when she made it to the wooded area again with downed branches, over-growth and rotted tree trunks, she feared she would break a leg or worse.

She didn’t look over her shoulder to judge his distance; she could hear him coming close behind. His strong arms soon grasped her about waist, pulling her back against his muscled chest, her flailing legs doing nothing to hamper him as he hauled her all the way back toward the rock he’d pointed out previously.

“I suppose you had to try, but did you really think you would get far? Now all you did was double your punishment.” He didn’t even have the kindness to pretend he was as out of breath as she was. In fact, as if it required no strength at all, he held her there a moment or two while he unbuckled his gun belt and set it on the ground near the rock.

“I hate you, Marshal! I’ll never forgive you if you do this.” Delaney struggled against him the whole way, but was easily over-powered. Tripp sat down and pulled her right over his lap. She kicked and flailed against his hold but he still managed to clamp a leg over hers and snake his hand down under her skirt, then pulled it all the way up over her back.  

“I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t… I’m going to teach you a lesson right here and now.” When she pounded him in the back and legs with her clenched fists, he caught first one hand and then the other and clutched them together, holding them tightly at the small of her back. That arm and elbow of his, held her torso firmly in place, pressed down behind him. She was as good as hog-tied.

“You have no right!” She started to bounce and grind on his thigh, trying to slither away when he found the laces of her drawers and pulled them free. “No, please don’t do that—not bare—no, you can’t see me like this.”

He chuckled. “Honey, need I remind you I’ve already seen your bare bottom? In fact…”

She hissed, interrupting before he could remind her of the fact that he’d seen every single inch of her bare. “I hate you. I hate you.”

Marshal Tripp Houston makes his own luck and doesn’t believe in chance—until Lady Luck smiles up at him with her cat-like green eyes. If it’s the last thing he does, Tripp is dead set on bringing down the vile Shotgun Slick Gang. It’s been said that the outlaws have a woman traveling with them. Tripp is almost certain that woman is Diamond, especially with her sneaking around and asking lots of questions. But, if he’s wrong, and she is the innocent she proclaims, then once every last slimy one of the gang are swinging from a tree, he plans to hand in his tin star and settle down with the little card-dealing gem who ran away with not only his horse, but his heart as well. After all, he knows just how to tame a feisty gem.

Diamond won’t take no for an answer, especially when it comes to those bossy men of Culpepper Cove standing in the way of finding her sister Damaris—not even when it means she will end up with a hot, achy backside over the knee of one very stubborn lawman. The trail she’d been following for months led her to Culpepper Cove and The Red Petticoat Saloon where she entertains the men while dealing blackjack and sifting through their conversations for information that will help her find Damaris—but she doesn’t go upstairs. That is until the night she makes a silly bet, (it had worked for Jewel, hadn’t it?) and ends up falling for the man who tried her patience at every turn. Will the bet cost more than her virginity? She hadn’t wagered her heart, but she may very well have lost it to him already.





DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

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