Her Gilded Tiger, a sneak snippet and you might need a fan handy.

Georg found himself chuckling, and Alina took the opening. “May I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“It’s not a ladylike question.”

“I am not qualified to answer any ladylike questions, so  good.”

“Will it hurt me every time or just tonight… I mean when you…?” She was blushing from her throat to her hair and could not raise her eyes to his.

It was no wonder that she would worry so much, considering the things the poor girl had been told about him. He hurried to reassure her

“Not every time, no. The first time it will sting when I enter you, but my darling maiden I will go slow and make it easy for you”

His bride was not convinced, “Ana, she works at the convent in the kitchen, married last year. She says her first night was worse than when she broke her arm.”

“What’s the husband like?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t let him shoe a horse I didn’t like. Mean old coot.”

“Well, that explains it then. I will not treat you in such a fashion.”

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