Meet Missy!

Amelia Smart’s newest-  Missy Meets The Marshall…..

Her eyes flashed terror. “Please no, Marshal. Let me go. I promise I’ll leave now and never bother you again. I’ll go to the next town to try and sell the brooch.”

“Listen, Missy. You’d have trouble making it to the next block, let alone the next town. You need a place to sleep and a bite or two, which I plan to go scare up for you as soon as you stop jawing at me. I’d take you to my house and let you sleep there, but it wouldn’t be proper. I’m an unmarried man. The cell will have to do.”

She stared at him for a moment, then looked down and wrung her hands. She appeared to be considering her options, of which she had only one as far as he was concerned. Her hesitancy annoyed him.

“Young lady, you’d better rattle your hocks and march them into the cell. Dawdle much longer, and I’ll plant you there myself, but not before I turn you over my knee for a spanking.”

Their eyes locked. Hers appeared desperate and scared. She suddenly moved closer and wrapped a hand around one of his forearms crossed in front of his chest. She clung to his shirtsleeve. “Marshal, I know you don’t have a reason to trust me, but I beg you to believe what I’m about to say. Please let me go, just for a half hour, and I’ll come back to you. I’ll spend the night in the cell and I’ll be grateful to you for a meal. Here, you can hold my brooch. It guarantees my return.” She held the silver bird out to him.

Grover stared into her pleading eyes, surprised by her strange request and promise, which he could tell she relayed with every intention of keeping. He couldn’t imagine what she needed to attend to for a half hour, and it was no use asking. She would only lie about it if he did. He felt very curious and a bit alarmed.

He ran a hand over the short beard that covered his jaw and pushed the brooch back to her. “All right, Missy. You have your half hour. Go on then.”

“Thank you, Marshal,” she exclaimed, and surprised him further by wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging him tight. Oh, God. What was she doing? He felt her breasts flattening against his abs and smelled her distinctly womanly scent, which was musky and flowery. He suddenly needed to will his cock to stay in place, so he grit his teeth. She looked up and flashed a smile at him that dimpled one of her cheeks and further lit her sparkling eyes. Damn, that sure didn’t help any. He kept his hands at his side. He wanted more than just about anything to hold her in his arms, but he needed her to know he meant business.

He frowned down at her smiling face. “Your half hour started thirty seconds ago, Missy. You might want to skedaddle.”





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  1. Amelia Smarts
    Jan 12, 2016

    Thanks for having me, Susannah!

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