New Prologue to Tiger!!!


Alina arched her back, growling with pleasure, her visage awash with the golden candlelight.   Georg leaned back to appraise her beauty.  Even in the fortress of the far north, her lithe body glistened with sweat. Her exquisite face was poised n reverie, with her eyes closed.  A strand of her, waist length, white blonde hair had tangled under her delicate collar and he carefully unthreaded it. Any hair pulling tonight was not going to be unintentional.

Tuning a hand over her flanks, he teased her. Bound over the arm of the chaise she was powerless, trembling with desire.  With her arms secured n front of her, and her hips propped up high on the arm of the chaise, her feet didn’t reach the ground.  Georg had been careful to secure her ankles far enough apart that he could easily reach between her tender thighs.  She was slick with her own j juices and shuddered as he paused to allow his breath to drift over her scarlet bottom cheeks before his tongue darted into her pearly depths.   He savored her, smacking his lips and pressing the flat of his tongue into her cleft.  With one strong hand pressed over her mound he made her whimper with pleasure.

Taking his time, he roused her to a fever pitch, pausing just when she about to crest, to nibble a thigh.  His beard was coarse upon her delicate, porcelain skin.  The cold stone floor was rough on his knees. He leaned back and allowed a gentle finger to run up one thigh and down the other, brushing by her aching, fiery core.

Alina groaned in frustration.  Her warrior husband smiled, “Such an impatient young lady. Perhaps, I didn’t spank you enough.” Alina was overwhelmed by her conflicting emotions. Her bottom was scorched and rosy. The thought of another spanking almost made her cry. Alina’s arousal was at such a fever pitch that not being touched by her master l would be the worse punishment of all.  She bit her lip in frustration. As a wife who had begged to wear Georg’s collar, she had promised to submit to him in all things. Thus, he had, with delight, put her in an impossible situation.  Agree to a spanking, or risk getting one. Such a delicious conundrum, he thought.  Rising, he ran his tongue up her spine, pausing to sink his teeth into one white shoulder.  “Please, please, “she groaned.

“Please? Please, please what?” he asked in a teasing tone.

“You know,” her tone pleaded with him to carry her over the finish line. She had been raised to be a lady and struggled to give voice to her coarser desires. Her husband was relishing being entirely in control.

“What do I know?” His questioning was as relentless as his cock would be once he allowed himself to take her.  His cock was beginning to ache with the effort of restraining his desires.

He watched her writhe trying to press her pussy against anything that would give her release.  The way he had secured her prevented any such eventuality.  Pressing his engorged cock into the back of her thigh made her quiver. Toying with her, he whispered, “Why did I spank you?”

“Because you wanted to, “she moaned. Running a hand over her fevered bottom, he delighted in giving it a sharp smack. The sound of it reverberated off the walls. “Remind me, who decides when you need to be spanked?”

“You do.”

“Who decides when a spanking is over?”

She was gasping, “You do, you do, you do.”

Good girl,” he buried his hands in her hair and tugged so that her throat was extended. He deposited the gentles of kisses at the junction between neck and shoulder. Her back was arched expectantly.  He allowed his hand to drift down her belly and settle over he silky triangle.  He twirled a finger through her curls.

“Who does this belong to?”

This time she responded without demurring,” My pussy belongs to you”

Panting, she leaned as far back as she could, urging him to slide into her.  Georg decided it was time to reward his beloved, but he was in no hurry.  He pressed his head into her and was captivated to feel her open around him.  He pressed his fingertips into her hips and guided her further back onto his thick manhood.   Alina gasped as she engulfed all of him.  She had been on the precipice so long that her body responded almost immediately, tightening around him as she climaxed ferociously.   He paused to savor her pleasure.  She pulsated around him, her sweet pussy coaxing him to higher levels of rapture.

Slowing down, his hands cupped her dainty breasts as she arched against him, mewing with pleasure.  He leaned back so he could watch her tender body absorb the fucking he was giving it, watching his cock get buried into her and then remerge.  Her entire body shook as he deliberately ravaged his lovely wife.

Drawing closer to her, Georg buried his face into Alina’s neck. As he, increased the power he was riding her with, every sense was alive.  He saw a flash of bright light and then his eyes adjusted. Every muscle went taut and he roared as he exploded deep within her, claiming her as his own.


Georg was quick to unbuckle her wrists and ankles.  Alina snuggled up against him, gently rubbing her wrists.

“I live for the way you fuck me,” she whispered.

He was astonished at how far he had taken her in such a short time.

They had met at their wedding and she had been frightened and innocent. Slowly she had learned to trust him, and it had changed her completely. She was no longer a timid bride. She was a tigress who staked a claim on her own pleasure and knelt only to him. Her submission wasn’t passive. She received his strength and returned it to him tenfold.

“I can’t remember a life without you,” she said with a gentle smile.

Georg laughed,” It’s been a busy month.”

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