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Even before Luce called I had planned to do some reverse augury. It’s my one magical specialty, and it has made being a historian pretty wonderful. Most augurs use an object to see into the future. Reverse augury allows me to touch an object and see what happened around it.

Even when I’m home this isn’t a skill you advertise.

It doesn’t just happen. I’m not some sort of psychic. It’s a spell that not many people can successfully do. It’s a complex spell, but it has gotten easier for me.    It was a surprise the first time I was able to do it. My father swore me to secrecy when he realized that it was my gifting.

We had been at a family party. We cousins were trying to impress each other with our newest casts. We had secluded ourselves behind the table laden with gifts for our grandparents. Eyeing an elaborately wrapped package, Luce issued a challenge. With her hands clasped in her lap, she said the incantation and lifted the gift off of the table. I hadn’t decided which spell I would use when the box started to fall. I reached out to catch it.  The second the package fell into my lap, I blurted out “What is regifting? Aunt Ada has never liked this clunky old vase.”

My great aunt Ada didn’t like me much after the “Druscilla let the cat out of the bag at Poppy and Gran’s anniversary luncheon” saga of 2000.  Aunt Clemency who had originally gifted the vase to aunt Ada’s feelings were hurt. My poppy was amused, my gran felt terrible about everyone being upset at the party.  You can imagine that we decided not to stay long.

I was woozy from the advanced casting I had done, and my mom wanted to get us away from her livid aunt anyway. As soon as we were home,  my mom came in and out of my room bearing cordials, cool wash cloths and a lecture that seemed to rage on for days.  In between my visits from the ragey Florence Nightingale, my dad slipped in with a notebook and asked me questions.   The initial cast had actually made me less weak than my mom has ever known. My dad and I went through every object in the room, I would cast, touch it and then tell my dad something about it’s past.  Then I would lay down exhausted until my mother would come back in and say,”Oh my stars, I keep thinking you are about to be better and nothing I do seems to be helping.”

My dad was delighted. We agreed to keep it a secret from Mom.  It’s not an illegal cast. But it definitely not polite, and she would not approve. There’s a sort of sorcerer’s agreement not to do it too much.  Trust me, you do not want to know what happened on your couch when it was in the warehouse.

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