One word… ok three… Sabre toothed tiger!

Her head rocked back and forth, she was groaning with how close she was.  “Show me where to touch you, my love.” he whispered, slowing his thrusts but making certain that he entered her with every inch of himself.  She was shy. “Show me, “he commanded.

Her eyes closed modestly, but she did as he instructed, and her slim, pale fingers pressed her pearl.  It was like a tidal wave, it carried her, tumbling and crying like a cork in the ocean.  She was still gasping when Georg lifted her legs so that her ankles were over his shoulders.  “Open your eyes,” he whispered.  He rocked in and out prolonging his ecstasy.  When it was unavoidable he shook as he exploded. It was impossible to tell who was roaring, Georg or the tiger.



out soon…

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