Perfectly Rare

Saturday SpankingsCass and Killian are moving back to their home in Alaska.  Killian decides to bring an old trusty friend along to the airport

“I know how to wake you up,”he rolled her over and yanked the delicious blankets off of her shoulders.”Don’t move,” he whispered. Now this was just mean, she thought- couldn’t she have waited UNDER the covers? He was back in less than a minute. She felt the familiar swirl of a small wooden spoon on the crest of her bottom. “Remember this ?” he asked. Well, yes, she did. He had given  her first real spanking with this light wooden spoon for calling herself fat.”It’s coming with me in my pocket.”

Smack, he landed a quick succession of swats on the roundest part of her bottom. She wriggled with delight, reveling in the light sting. “Wait,” she started to turn over,”like the airport?”

With his  left  hand he shimmied her pj pants down and the little whaps rained down rapidly.”Exactly. I am going to burn up your pretty ass somewhere in the airport.”

“Oh no, you are not.”

The spoon had been set somewhere and his large manly hand took over with a resounding splat.”Is that how you talk to me?”

She yelped and squirmed, both wanting it to stop and grateful that it wouldn’t.”It is when you lose your-Ow! Damn mind.”

Rare, the 4th book in the Cass Chronicles is out November 20th


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  1. krblake
    Nov 12, 2016

    I don’t blame her. I think I’d put up a string of protests as well. In the privacy of yoru bedroom is one thing. Out in public is totally another.

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