Review of Red Velvet

on December 20, 2016
It’s a pleasure to visit with the old friends at Slick Trench again. Red Velvet is packed with the magic of Christmas and the northern winter. As always in the Cass Chronicles series, the characters will have you laughing out loud one minute and gasping the next. Cass and Killian are a wonderfully romantic couple.
Cass is missing her family in the lower 48 as Christmas approaches and her patience is stretched thin by the volatile group who have assembled for a wedding. Throughout this, Killian acts as Cass’s even keel in her stormy seas of trying to please everyone. He keeps his hand on the rudder which actually is the dreaded Lexan paddle, supplemented by a bath brush, a hairbrush and his hand.
There are some great lines in this book about domestic discipline like how Cass finds it improves sex: “…it was like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups the salty made the sweet better.”
From the arrival of the wedding party and guests, the book is packed with drama and high antics. A skating party for thirty goes without a hitch but the snowboarding outing is less salubrious.
Cass and Killian’s love shines through it all. Their enviable sex scenes are explained with this good analogy: “Cass couldn’t dance, not a step really. [but] in Killian’s arms she could do thing she would never otherwise be able to.”
Read it for the story and try not to salivate at the recipes! Be sure to read the chapter titles or you’ll miss some choice smiles.

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