Saturday Spanks and the Bathbrush of Doom

WSaturday Spankingsordlessly, he bent his wife forward and firmly wrapped his left arm around her
waist. He roughly thrust her coat and skirt over her shoulders and lit into her with the bath brush.
All things considered, it was probably in her best interests that she couldn’t catch her breath
enough to give voice to her thoughts, because her first thought was “mother fucker
!” He didn’t let up for a second, she was scrabbling with her arms trying to get her hand back to protect her
bottom. Her toes tattooed the tile floor, unable to get a foothold solid enough to wrench herself
away. After about thirty very hard swats, Killian suddenly stopped, put the brush under his arm
and marched her to the bed. Usually.Killian lectured her while h
e corrected her. He hadn’t said a
word. He sat down and Cass thought he would guide her over his lap. He did not. He slid her
coat off of her shoulders and tossed it aside. As if he was dealing with a small child, he turned her around and unzipped her dress. It puddled at her feet and then he rolled her Spanx down over her roasted bottom.
“Note to self,”thought Cass,
“Spanx offer no protection from spanks”
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  1. krblake
    Sep 17, 2016

    Love the last line, and it’s so true. Nothing made from Latex will protect your hindquarters even a little bit.

  2. Anastasia Vitsky
    Sep 19, 2016

    Ha, clever! Great fan of the bathbrush. It certainly does its job. 😀

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