Saturday Spanks and the Perfect Height

Saturday Spankings

In Rendered, Cass and Killian are in Chicago-  She is filming a cooking show and he is working at the National Science Museum.  They are in his office when he tells her to bend over a stool-

She couldn’t contain her smile. “Perfect height for what?”
He chuckled as he drew her closer to him and unbuckled the belt at her waist. “Perfect
height for us,” he whispered. She found herself bent over the stool. “Grab the rung, baby,” he whispered. She reached farther down to do as she was told.
She felt Killian’s flank press into her. He still had his jeans buttoned up. This could only mean one thing—she was about to be spanked. Was she ever. There was no lecture, only
encouragement, “God damn, baby, you are so beautiful,” he began. The spanking was hard and fast and he moved from cheek to cheek She didn’t even try to avoid it, she arched her back and settled into her beloved role as an adored spanked wife. “That’s my good girl, arch that back, get this pretty bottom up where it needs to be.” His hand moved crisply smacking each spot three times and then moving on to a different spot. “My first day in this room. I got nothing done because I could only think how perfect you would look bent over this stool.” Just when the spanking would have moved from a pleasurable pain to straight up punishment, he ceased. He leaned over her while he unbuckled his jeans and kissed the side of her neck. They both knew they only had a few minutes. It only took a few. He pounded into her without preamble and she could not have been more ready. She growled as she came and pressed her hips back wanting him even deeper inside of her. He came even harder than she had and then immediately zipped himself up and helped her ease her jeans back up over her hot pussy and even hotter bottom.


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  1. krblake
    Oct 16, 2016

    Talk about a hot scene, though I can imagine she’d want to use the restroom afterward to “freshen up” a bit before going back to work. Great snippet, Susannah.

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