So what’s the deal with alpha heroes?

The term we all use to describe the perfect manly he-man of manlyville character is “alpha”. Most people think that its a term with some scientific basis- mostly from wolf packs. It isn’t. The scientist who first proposed the term has recanted his paper where the idea first appeared. He was studying artificial packs set up in zoos. In the wild, the”alpha” is almost always the father of most of the pack members.  Now, I would hazard a guess that if you, like me, love a book with a stubborn, strong, resourceful hero this information will do nothing to put you off those guys. I can think of a few reasons why that might be. I bet you can think of even more- Let’s begin with these five.

  1. The notion of a big strong dominant man is biologically primed into us. Keep your hair on- I am not saying that everyone has to be drawn to them, but an awful lot of us are. I am leery of the evo-psych people. But the idea that couples that included a strong, savvy and protective man were more likely to pass their genes on cant be entirely dismissed.
  2. We want #1 to be true. If we are biologically programmed this way then we don’t have to wonder about why we find it attractive.
  3. Every woman I know is fucking exhausted. We have marriages, children, careers, houses to maintain, parents to take care of…. The idea of a capable man insisting on taking some of that burden off of our shoulders is…breathtaking.
  4. I call this the “anything is fine with me what do you want to do postulation.” One of the reasons I fell in love with Mr Shannon is that when he asked me out he had a plan. He would ask if there was a movie I wanted to see, or a certain kind of food-BUT- if I said “anything is fine” he would simply make a choice. Oh, my sweet baby jesus- the relief. I believe that I spent at least half of my college years standing around  saying, “Oh anything you want to do is fine with me.” Only to have the guy who asked me out parrot it back to me. This may say all kinds of bad things about my character, but it annoyed the hell out of me.
  5. We want to be the woman that makes Mr in control lose his heart, mind, and soul. And we want to have all the sex with him too? What do you think?

Gratuitous pic of one of my cover models, cause it’s my blog.

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