The naughty school girl


Saturday Spankings Never a dull moment for Cass and Killian

He has left notes around the house leading her to a hot bath and then onto a schoolgirl outfit and then…….

the note was emblazoned on the whiteboard that took up most of a wall. ¨ Both Palms and elbows on the desk. Wait for me to come and paddle your pretty bottom young lady. You have no idea how sorry you are going to be.”¨  Her heart pounding in her throat she pressed her hands flat and lower herself down.  Killian made no attempt to quietly enter the room.   ¨I’m glad you chose to obey me,¨  He picked up the paddle and rested it against the plumpest part of her ass. ¨Arch your back,¨ he commanded.  She did so. ¨Good girl” the first swat was firm and a sigh of pleasure escaped her lips. He continued slowly, overlapping the swats.



  1. krblake
    Jul 15, 2017

    The schoolgirl and the professor, a fantasy many of us have. Delicious.

  2. Ruth (post as Rosie)
    Dec 30, 2017

    Read Susannah, I check every week to see if you have a new book out. Will there be one soon? I have read the series three of four times and will again but I really want to get more!!! The story in Sunstrokes that was part of the series was great as well as the two other books. I hope you are still writing. Is there a way to contact you besides here? I don’t want to leave my email for everyone but I would like to be able to write too you. Rosie Dee

    • Susannah Shannon
      Dec 30, 2017

      I would love to hear from you! my email is
      I am working on a different book- “Her Gilded Dragon.” The next Cass book should be out in a month or two. Life keeps getting in the way.

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