The Yule Log (sorry, not sorry)


Hanne was pleased to get the boys all settled and head to the apartments she shared with her husband. Shutting the door behind her, she was startled to see Jonis sitting in his chair, with his back to the roaring fire. He had clearly been waiting for her. “We need to discuss you ignoring my warnings about not exhausting yourself.”

“I know we do, honey and I am sorry. There is just so much to do to get the Keep ready for Yule.”

He held out a package tied with dark green ribbon. “This is something that will help, starting tonight.”

Hanne settled into his lap and eagerly opened the box.  She gave a gasp when she opened the box. A beautiful hairbrush carved out of rare mammoth ivory slid into her hand.  “You are silly,”she whispered. “it’s too big for my hand. I am touched by its beauty, though.”

He gave a warm laugh, “You are sillier, it was made to fit my hand, and trust me, Snow Dove, it’s beauty is definitely going to touch you.”

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