Trust me, read anything by Amelia Smarts

A confession,made ducking to hide from my fellow spanking romance enthusiasts…

I do not get the whole cowboy spanking thing….. Now, in my defense-I do get the appeal of a strong, independent take charge man…. swoonworthy,utterly swoonworthy.

But so many of the western themed romances sort of blur together for me. Heroines who don’t have the sense god gave a q-tip- she picks up a rattle snake”OOOh pretty” or tries to ride an enormous utterly untamed stallion and since she doesn’t break her neck, our  taciturn cowboy sets down his six shooter and takes a strap to  her.

And then, I read ” The Unbraiding of Anna Brown” by the newly minted, kick ass writer Amelia Smarts.  “Unbraiding” expands the cowboy concept to cover loss, redemption, and love. Our heroine is worthy of the love of our hero in every way. She is headstrong(duh-how much fun is a doormat heroine in a spanking story”and thus the hairbrush lay unused on the bedside table for 75 years”-yawn)  But she is capable, and hard working and possessed of a huge, loving heart. Our hero’s life is made infinitely better by having her in it.The spanking scenes leave nothing to be desired. They have love,  a touch of humor, forgiveness and a seared hot bottom. Yummy. and I say it again YUMMY.   Go get it- it’s on Amazon or the Blushing Books site.

Get to know Amelia Smart on her blog :


  1. Amelia Smarts
    Jan 1, 2016

    Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out!

  2. Amelia is good.

    I’m tooting my own horn here, but you might light some of my modern day cowboys. I think the heroines are pretty strong independent women who think for themselves. just saying.

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