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In Her Gilded Dragon, we visited the hospital for wounded stars run by Stella and the other stronhirdrs(Scandinavia really needs to invest in some vowels!!!)

That tree is a cousin to the Norse tree of life Yggdrasil (again with the missing vowels)

They all began the trek up the curving stairs. The sky opened up around them. “Are we outside?” Hanne whispered, gesturing towards the stars above them.

“No, it’s just a really big tree,” Ilma answered.

Hanne wondered if it was a joke, and then realized it was not. “Is this Yggdrasil—the tree of life?” she whispered reverently.

Anvindr answered, “A distant relative of Yggdrasil, maybe a second cousin or something.”

The branches stretched up and formed a dome that was impossibly high and full of resting stars.

Stella had successfully soothed the star still cradled in her skirt. “All right, if you insist, but let me help you,” she whispered.. Stella moved to the center of the room. “Be kind,” she chided the stars hovering nervously above her. “Are you ready?” she whispered to the star  in her frock. Somehow the star must have communicated the affirmative for, she rapidly grabbed the corners of her apron and stretched it taut. The injured star gave a tentative bounce and then used the outstretched apron to trampoline itself towards the roof. Hanne sat with her face turned upwards and her mouth agape.

“What? Are you offering a home to every bug that can survive the cold?” Ragnifer asked with a barking laugh. Hanne closed her mouth.

Before her eyes some of the branches began to move and twisted themselves into two beds and a cradle. Ilma had a stack of bedding in her arms and efficiently made the beds. “Don’t you burn the whole place down with that pipe,” Ilma chided Ragnifer. He hung his head like a scolded little boy and meekly promised to be careful. Stella lingered as long as she could at the top of the stairs, making what Hanne could only describe as cow eyes at the wood sprite. Only when it was abundantly clear that Ragnifer wasn’t going to look up from the belongings he was organizing did she surrender and with a disappointed sigh descend the stairs.

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  1. Stormy Plun
    Jul 29, 2018

    Clever little peek! Definitely hooks the reader

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