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In Guarded, my WIP- Liza cox, PhD is a restorer of historic pieces of art.  Giving into the desires she has kept under wraps all of her life she ventures onto “Spankchatcity”.   She quickly falls for one of the other visitors. Do we ever know who we meet online?  It’s a funny spanking romance with a HEA:

She refused to be ashamed of her desires any longer. She looked him full in  the face, let go of his hand and laid herself over his lap.

 He stroked her hair. “What a brave girl you are, “ he whispered.   She was willing herself to breathe.  HIs hand roamed down over her shoulder rubbing between the taut blades.  He stayed there until they began to relax and moved his hand further down her back. Over the ribs,  massaging her waist.  He rested a hand on her upturned, fully clothed bottom. “Do you remember your safe words?”

She nodded.  “Tell me,” he gently insisted.

“I did a minute ago.” she said, confused.  He laughed and gave her rump a stinging slap,”Sassy girl, better watch that.”

She giggled, and replied,

“Yellow means slow, red means stop”

He spanked her slowly, moving from cheek to cheek.  He took his time, pausing to caress her bottom. It built up slowly, as he increased his vigor.

“Why am I spanking you, sweetheart?”

Her brain had given itself over to the sensation of his hand on her bottom and she had to force herself to find her verbal reasoning skills.  “Because I should have called you.”

“Yes, you should have, but that’s not why.”

She couldn’t think of a single thing. “Because I am careless.”

“Nope.” he spanked her harder, taking his time. She could feel his erection under her tummy.  She felt her emotions unspool as she relaxed under his hand.  She found her words. “Because I want you to”

Hardest smack yet,”That’s my girl. And I love that you want me to.”

Her breath was coming more jagged now, she wouldn’t have thought she could feel so thoroughly spanked  when totally clothed. She could feel how hot and red her bottom had become. “I think sometimes, I want you to when I really don’t want you to.” Oh god. She was a moron. “I mean,”

“Shhhh..” his spanking didn’t even slow down”i know what you mean, We’ll get to that.”

Her breath caught in her throat. She had reached a barrier.  She tried to compel herself over it and couldn’t.  “Wait, I mean yellow- or just… wait”

 He moved his hand to her lower back and caressed the stress away.  “Good girl. Good girl. I’m proud of you for using your safe word.  That’s just right.” She felt the tension coil in her chest.  She maneuvered both of her arms so that she could reach back.  He waited for her.  She slowly pulled her skirt up.  He circled her bottom with his hand.   “You can change your mind,” he whispered.  

“I know” she said and she was shocked at the strength of her voice.  He shifted back so that she had room to put her arms back in front of her.   He stroked her pantied bottom.  The first swat was firm and immediately she felt a jolt from her warming backside and her soft wet core.  He moved from cheek to cheek.  She squirmed and  gasped.  The heat built and she was closer to vaulting over the gate in her chest, but still not quite there.  Her right hand scrabbled around and found his left arm.  She laced her fingers through his and he clasped her hand and pulled her closer to himself.  She felt like she was suddenly plugged into a power source.  His hand moved lower on her bottom and moved back and forth leaving fire in his wake.

“Owowow” she whimpered.

“Yes, ow.” he said quietly but firmly.  “You want this.”

“Yes,” she whispered.  “I need this”

Harder swats rained down, “And i need to give it to you”

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